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Eaton BladeUPS

Eaton BladeUPS

Eaton BladeUPS is a 3 phase UPS solution for Data Centres. It provides scalable, flexible backup power optimized for high-density blade servers and IT equipment. • A single module of BladeUPS provides 12 kW of power in only 6U of standard rack space, including batteries • BladeUPS is a scalable solution that delivers from 12 to 60 kW of redundant power in a single rack enclosure. • BladeUPS delivers an industry-leading 97% efficiency, resulting in cooler operating conditions and less heat dissipation.

Eaton BladeUPS - Technical Specifications

Моментна снимка на продукта
Номинална мощност 12-60 kW
Напрежение 400V
Честота 50/60 Hz
Конфигурация Rackmount
Серия на продукта Eaton
UPS модели

Eaton BladeUPS – Features

  • Modular, Scalable and flexible back up power for today's Data Centre
  • Industry –leading efficiency leads to cost savings in operation and cooling
  • Designed and Optimised for high-powered Blade servers and high density computing environments
  • Reduces energy costs and cooling needs through best-in-class efficiency performance
  • Conserves valuable rack space with 12kW of power in only 6U of rack space, including the batteries – scalable up to 60kW
  • Delivers highest levels of reliability at the rack with patented Hot Sync paralleling technology and intelligent bypass design, field proven in thousands of large data centres globally.

Product Awards

Product of the Year Award

Eaton Blade UPS products
ZC1224410100000 Eaton BladeUPS Single Unit 12kW 400V (IEC 309-32A 5W in, 5W + RPM out) SNMP
ZC122P060100000 Eaton BladeUPS Parallel Unit 12kW 400V (Parallel cord for BladeBar in/out, RPM out)
1028126 42U rack enclosure (1052736) with BladeBar (103006168-5591) and Bottom WW (103006170-5591) pre configured
103005747-6591 EBM - 3U Extended Battery Module
1029182 Blade Bar and bottom wireway kit for parallel system (P/N's 103006168-5591 and 103006170-5591) for mounting in an 42U empty rack

Blade UPS Power Distribution
Y032420CD100000 RPM - Rack Power Module (BladeUPS in, 12xC13 + 6xC19 out) 10ft lead
Y032440CD100000 RPM - Rack Power Module (BladeUPS in, 12xC13 + 6xC19 out) 20ft lead
Y032440DD100000 RPM - Rack Power Module (BladeUPS in, 12xC19 out) 20ft lead
PW107BA0UC08 ePDU - Basic (0U, Dual 16A C20 in, 24xC13+ 8xC19 out) use in addition to RPM
PW107MI0UC08 ePDU - IP Monitored (0U, Dual 16A C20 in, 24xC13+ 8xC19 out) use in addition to RPM
Converting existing Blade UPS
103006474-44I Converting parallel BladeUPS to Single BladeUPS - IEC309-32 (5 Wire in and out) conversion kit
1029183 Converting Single BladeUPS to Parallel BladeUPS - Parallel wire conversion kit (P/N 103006474-POI) including Paralleling Comm set with CAN card, RJ45 & pull chain cables (P/N 103005961-001 )
for all kits: Wrench Flats 43.94mm, Tightening torque 11.3-12.43Nm
Price: 0.00лв.
Weight: 0 kg
Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm

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